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We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market

Examples of  Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Packed Business Meeting Itinerary Arranged for Orissa International’s In-Market Visitor

First time since the start of COVID-19, Orissa International’s team in Singapore and the Philippines prepared a full itinerary of meetings for our first international visitor in the region. The client, which is an education agency located in Pennsylvania, USA, was interested to meet with education agency partners in Singapore and the Philippines. While in-country, our team in Singapore set up face-to-face meetings with 4 companies and a virtual meeting with one company over a 2-day visit. Meanwhile, our team in the Philippines set up face-to-face meetings with 7 companies and a virtual meeting with one company over a 3-day visit. Besides connecting with potential partners, our client was pleased with the logistical assistance we provided on the ground, and the relevant insights they received from local companies during the visit.

American Surface Heating Systems’ Manufacturer Matched with Distributors in Singapore and Malaysia

With over 70 years of expertise in producing multipurpose, flexible, surface-heating elements and controls/accessories, the company tapped Orissa International’s help to find potential distributors in Singapore and Malaysia for their range in composite curing solutions – primarily out-of-autoclave and oven composite manufacturing and repair equipment. Our in-house consultants pre-qualified 27 companies in Singapore and 22 companies in Malaysia that are suppliers of parts, components, and consumables as well as service providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul to the aerospace and aviation companies. We arranged for the company to virtually meet with 8 potential partners – 4  in Singapore and 4 in Malaysia – that are interested in discussing distributorship opportunities with our client.

Market Immersion Program for a Singapore Fintech Company

Orissa International delivered customized research reports to a Singapore-based provider of financial application software that supports factoring and supply chain financing. Its systems are deployed by some of the leading banks across Asia. The company took up a package programme offered by Orissa International, wherein we hired a dedicated local salesperson on our own payroll to conduct business development activities for the client, generate a database of potential customers and partners, provide business matching support, and produce a bespoke market report, based on the client’s requirements. We undertook research to obtain regulatory information for the financial sector. We also scanned the market to identify local and foreign competitors active in the supply chain finance software market, and their current partners and deployments in the market. We are in the process of arranging business meetings for the client with senior executives in the appropriate user departments within the banks and non-banking financial institutions. Meetings have already been arranged with some of the leading banks in both Thailand and Vietnam.

Business Matching for a Beauty and Wellness Company Planning to Enter Thailand

A leading global company that provides personal care and cosmetic products worldwide engaged Orissa International to conduct business matching services in Thailand. With a business presence across three continents and an established sales network, the client wanted to identify suitable distributors and partners to market its brand of baby products to relevant retail businesses in the market. Our in-market team identified distributors that had experience bringing foreign brands into Thailand, with distribution reach across modern retail formats, baby specialist stores, pharmacy chains and hospitals. After our client shortlisted potential partners, our Thai office arranged five meetings with distributors to explore business collaboration.

Market Entry Strategy for a Vehicle Location Technology Provider in Malaysia

Orissa International produced a tailored market entry strategy report for a US-based company that offers comprehensive sub-2 meter level vehicle location-based services. Its solution enables application developers to bring real-time services to customers in connected vehicles to automate payments and streamline everyday tasks. The client was seeking to understand the tolling landscape and policies in Malaysia, with a view to participating in a future project. We conducted a thorough analysis of tolled roads and tolling systems in Malaysia, identifying and profiling key stakeholders, such as government agencies, tolled road developers and operators, and technology providers. We also looked at how a foreign firm might participate in public tenders for such projects and provided immediate and longer-term recommendations for the client’s consideration.

Home-grown Singapore Shoe Manufacturer Expands its Brand in Vietnam

Orissa International supported a leading Singapore-based high fashion shoe manufacturer and retailer in a business matching project in Vietnam. The client, which has a presence in multiple Asian countries, including India, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea, intends to expand in Vietnam by finding a potential partner with relevant experience to market its brand more extensively in the country. The company sought our assistance to identify and arrange meetings with distributors of high fashion and relevant retail businesses. Our in-market team contacted 12 companies and secured four meetings with C-suite executives. The client will be following up with their connections in subsequent meetings to discuss potential collaborations.

Market Research for US Electrical and Electronics Manufacturer to Identify Expansion Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Orissa International delivered a comprehensive market research project for a US company that designs and manufactures advanced mobile power systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) for armored, commercial, marine and purpose-built specialty vehicles. The report, which covered Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, provided information on each country’s local automotive manufacturing industry, analyzed trade flows and provided examples of potential in-market customers, partners and end-users, and offered market entry recommendations. The project was to help the client identify which market to pursue and explore, with the goal of increasing its sales volume in the region and establishing relationships with potential distributors and end-users for its products.

Business Matching for a European Carpet Manufacturer Seeking Opportunities in Singapore

Orissa International undertook a customized virtual business matching project for one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers in Europe, with design studios and sales offices internationally. The client, which designs and manufactures carpets for prestigious clients globally, was interested in exploring opportunities in Singapore. Our in-market team in Singapore prequalified the interest of potential buyers and partners, and organized three meetings for the client with hospitality groups and interior designers in Singapore.

Supporting an Additive Manufacturer with Regulatory Research in Southeast Asia

Orissa International undertook regulatory research for a life sciences company based in Virginia, USA, which has developed a proprietary, cost-effective enzymatic process to produce healthy ingredients for foods and beverages, and beneficial additives for animal feeds. Our report, which covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand,  identified the key regulatory authority in each market and described general food additive regulations as well as regulations relating to the use of enzyme and enzyme immobilization agents. We also explained the product registration procedures for new food additives for the four markets.

Business Matching Support in Singapore for a Developer of a Mechanical Stress Imaging System for Defense Applications

Orissa International supported an Australian company that has developed the world’s first microbolometer-based smart stress imaging system, which participated at the recent Singapore Airshow 2022. To support the client with its plans to set up its presence in Singapore this year, we pre-qualified potential distributors in the aerospace and defense sectors and secured two virtual meetings and a physical meeting at their booth. The meeting at the airshow was particularly beneficial for our client as it was able to demonstrate its technology and address questions immediately. The discussions with the other two companies were also positive, with plans in place to conduct demo sessions with them.

Trade Show Support for US-based Companies Participating in Singapore Airshow 2022

Orissa International supported a US state economic development agency by providing logistical and representation services to four US companies participating in the Singapore Airshow 2022 in February. We liaised with the US Pavilion booth contractors to coordinate onsite logistical support for the participating companies, provided dedicated representation for a company that manufactures FAA-certified composite aircraft floats and supported three other companies in their efforts to connect with appropriate and potential leads. These three companies offered a diverse range of aerospace sector products and services, including LED navigation and anti-collision lighting, night vision imaging systems and Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (CUAS) and security solutions. The participating companies were very satisfied with the quality of the meetings with potential customers and government officials at the event.

Market Entry Support for an Award-winning Provider of Urban Digital Solutions in Thailand

Our client is a company that provides urban digital solutions for the built environment to make spaces smarter – it provides real-time, predictive and cognitive occupancy intelligence to help its clients make better-informed decisions on managing buildings. Orissa International developed a stakeholder strategy report containing information on key public and private sector stakeholders in Thailand and the recommended approaches when engaging them. Our in-market consultants in Thailand proceeded to outreach to a shortlisted group of potential partners, where we secured virtual meetings with property developers, facility managers and companies managing medium to large facilities. The discussions have yielded good connections in Thailand, and our client is working on a potential partnership interest.

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