Singtel CSI and SIM Academy Meet Growing Demand for Cyber Security Training in Singapore

Apr 2024

Singtel Cyber Security Institute (CSI), SIM Academy, and UOB (United Overseas Bank) have collaborated to launch a cyber scam preparedness program titled “Defence Against Cyber Scams,” specifically designed for UOB’s frontline branch staff. This initiative is part of a broader effort to upskill and reskill employees of large enterprises, beginning with those in the financial sector, to better equip them against the rising threats of cyber scams. The program includes over 16 hours of comprehensive training, featuring interactive workshops, tabletop exercises, and assessments, focusing on preventing, identifying, and combating various scam strategies to bolster overall cyber resilience.

The new program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each enterprise, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. For UOB, the curriculum incorporates the bank’s Sense, Probe, Observe, and Take Action (SPOT) framework, enhancing the staff’s ability to identify and counteract scams effectively. Through simulations and scenario-based training, participants gain deeper insights into the mindset and tactics of scammers, preparing them to protect their customers and institutions from fraudulent activities. This approach not only aids in immediate scam recognition but also aligns with broader regulatory measures set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

In addition to providing targeted training for UOB’s employees, the “Defence Against Cyber Scams” program serves as a model that can be customized for other large enterprises, further supporting Singapore’s national agenda to build robust defenses against scams. This program is part of a comprehensive strategy to enhance Singapore’s cybersecurity ecosystem, with Singtel CSI offering significant course fee subsidies through SkillsFuture Singapore, emphasizing the commitment to long-term resilience and safety in the digital space.

(Source: Singtel)

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