New National AI Strategy to Uplift Singapore’s Social and Economic Potential

Jan 2024

In December 2023, Singapore’s second National AI Strategy (NAIS 2.0) was officially launched to uplift Singapore’s collective economic and social potential over the next three to five years, which details the 15 actions that Singapore will take to propel its AI ambitions.

In 2019, Singapore published its first National AI Strategy, outlining plans to deepen the use of AI to transform our economy. To demonstrate the usefulness of AI, the country embarked on national AI projects in areas like Education, Healthcare, and Safety & Security, as well as invested in enablers to strengthen its AI ecosystem.

In a new AI era, the Singapore Government’s updated NAIS 2.0 outlines its ambition and commitment to building a trusted and responsible AI ecosystem, driving innovation and growth through AI, and empowering its people and businesses to understand and engage with AI. Guided by the vision “AI for the Public Good, for Singapore and the World”, NAIS 2.0 focuses on two key goals:

  • Excellence: Singapore will selectively develop peaks of excellence in AI, to advance the field and maximize value creation. It intends to direct AI towards addressing the needs and challenges in areas of global importance like population health and climate change.
  • Empowerment: Singapore will raise up individuals, businesses, and communities to use AI with confidence, discernment, and trust. It intends for AI to be the great equalizer, which equips its people and businesses with the capabilities and resources to thrive in an AI-enabled future.

(Source: Smart Nation Singapore)


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