Vietnam Working with Danish Energy Agency on Offshore Wind Mapping

Oct 2019

As a part of a broader cooperation between Denmark and Vietnam, the Vietnamese Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority is working with the Danish Energy Agency to map potential for offshore wind in Vietnam. A Vietnamese delegation is set to visit Denmark to learn about Danish competencies and solutions within offshore wind, Energy planning and Energy efficiency. The visit is administered by the Centre for Global Cooperation in the Danish Energy Agency.

The Danish Energy Agency under the Ministry of Climate, Energy & Utilities is responsible for tasks linked to Energy production, supply and consumption, as well as Danish efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Vietnam has a coastline of 3,400km, with an average wind speed of 6-7 m/s, which is translates to a total wind power potential of 24-26.7 GW. The sea east of Ho Chi Minh City is considered one of the areas in Southeast Asia with greatest potential for offshore wind. However, offshore wind Energy is a relatively new and emerging market in Vietnam. The targets for wind power in the country are 800 MW, 2 GW, and 6 GW by 2020, 2025, and 2030, respectively.

The Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2019 will be published on 4 November 2019 to present scenarios on how the Vietnamese Energy sector can develop into a greener and more cost-effective direction.

(Source: Renews)

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