Vietnam’s Ministry of Health Launches Integrated Public Services Portal

Nov 2019

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has recently launched its public services portal, offering an integrated and better public access to online health-related administrative procedures. The portal which can be accessed at,  provides information about the pace of processing administrative procedures through an integrated information system of the ministry.

Residents and businesses can file their documents online, follow the process of handling the documents and supervise the quality of public services by sending their feedback on the work, she said, adding that the portal will help upgrade and streamline administrative procedures, while saving management cost thanks to the single-window mechanism.

Over the past five years, the ministry has put into place over 60 online public services at different levels, focusing on food safety, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, Medical equipment, science-technology, health care and Medical Environment, with nearly 400 dossiers submitted each day. Hundreds of dossiers have been received and processed online, saving time and money for both citizens and enterprises. However, due to the lack of an integrated information system, residents and businesses still had to create several accounts to access different websites for public services.

This move is part of MOH’s efforts to build e-government, administrative reform, improving State management efficiency, transparency of State agencies’ activities and better serving people and businesses. The portal was formed through coordination between the MoH and relevant agencies of the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Government Office.

At present, the MoH is one of the three ministries pioneering in connecting their public services portals with the national public service portal and those of other ministries and agencies.

(Sources: Vietnam Plus; Viet Nam News)

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