Japanese Company Partners with Thai University for Endoscopic AI

May 2024

AI Medical Service (AIM), a start-up based in Tokyo focused on medical advancements, particularly in diagnostic endoscopic artificial intelligence (AI), has recently entered into a joint research agreement with Mahidol University in Thailand. The agreement aims to evaluate the feasibility of its endoscopic AI technology, and research activities have already commenced. AIM thus became the first Japanese company to engage in joint research with Mahidol University in the field of endoscopic AI.

In December 2023, AIM obtained approval for manufacturing and marketing from Japan’s Minister of Health for an AI-equipped endoscopic imaging diagnosis support system. This system aids in identifying potential lesions for biopsy or further examination during endoscopic procedures based on their visible characteristics. Sales of this system commenced in March 2024. Additionally, AIM successfully completed regulatory evaluation and device registration for the same product in Singapore in February 2024.

With a goal to extend its product outreach globally, AIM aims to introduce its technologies beyond Japan to medical facilities worldwide. The partnership with Mahidol University will facilitate joint research endeavors to assess the suitability of Japanese endoscopic AI in Thailand. Established in 1888, Mahidol University is esteemed as one of Thailand’s leading educational and research institutions, covering diverse fields such as medicine, science, engineering, humanities, and more. It holds a prominent position as a comprehensive hub for education and research in Thailand.

Through collaboration with Mahidol University, AIM endeavors to explore the potential applications of Japanese gastrointestinal endoscopy AI within clinical settings in Thailand.

(Source: Business Wire)

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