Colorectal Cancer Emerges as the Third Most Common Cancer in Thailand

Jun 2024

According to research conducted by Siriraj Hospital and Mahidol University, colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer in Thailand, accounting for over 10% of all cancer cases in the country. It is the only malignancy with an increased incidence in both genders in Thailand.

CRC is expected to increase to 3.2 million new cases and 1.6 million deaths per year by 2040, translating to a 66% and 71% rise in new cases and deaths, respectively, relative to 2020.

BGI Genomics, a leading provider of genetic testing and sequencing services, recently launched the second edition of its global CRC awareness report, covering 1,938 respondents from various countries, including Thailand.

The report highlights that a significant 58.8% of Thai have never had a CRC screening, higher than the global average of 49.3%. Moreover, over half of the Thai respondents highlight that there is not enough information about CRC available.

Although colonoscopies are more recognized (33.4%), fecal tests at healthcare facilities are preferred (31.8%), reflecting a trend towards non-invasive methods.

In addition, the research points out that cost plays a key role in Thais’ decisions regarding CRC screening, with a quarter of respondents highlighting that costs are their main concern and around 90% preferring either moderately priced options with good accuracy or inexpensive options with average accuracy.

Doctors’ advice is the most important single factor that makes Thai individuals more likely to undergo screening for CRC without any symptoms. Additionally, Thais with a family history of CRC are more proactive in screening than the general population. This underscores the critical role of healthcare professionals and familial awareness in encouraging screening in the Southeast Asian country.

(Source: News-Medical.Net)

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