CMC Corporation Launches Open ICT Infrastructure Ecosystem in Vietnam

Apr 2019

CMC Corporation (CMC), a leading ICT corporation in Vietnam, has launched an open Infrastructure ecosystem for enterprises and organizations called C.OPE2N. The architecture of C.OPE2N consists of 5 layers and 2 modules. The layers include: Cloud – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (CMC cloud Infrastructure); Platform – PaaS (platform as a service, available for enterprises) which is responsible for providing physical Infrastructure for the upper layers and ensuring connectivity; and a Data layer (data management platform), including Data Lake , Data Integration, Analytics as a Service, Real-time Data Streaming, which allow to process and analyze changing data streams over time.

AI-as-a-Service is built on top of this Infrastructure, which can be used for predictive analytics and supporting real-time decision-making processes. The fifth layer at the top is a Smart Application layer containing many types of specialized applications to serve the needs of enterprises, such as sales, marketing, customer analysis, human resource management, accounting and auditing, smart camera, etc. These applications come from both CMC and partners in the ecosystem. C.OPE2N also features the “CMC Integration Suite” – consisting of integrated packages of CMC for traditional customers including Banking – Finance industry (FSI), enterprises, content providers, ISP/CSP, etc.

C.OPE2N can quickly create safe, efficient and effective public administration and e-government services with high quality tools, helping state agencies to lower the cost of investment in IT Infrastructure. The press release from CMC says that the platform has an information security system of international standards which will meet the security needs of government agencies. 

C.OPE2N provides open telecommunications Infrastructure, including high-quality GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks) and Data Center meeting international standards in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Through C.OPE2N customers can also access technologies from world-leading providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. as well as various data services.

The Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank) signed an agreement on comprehensive co-operation with CMC in March 2019. The CMC’s C.OPE2N ecosystem and its cloud technology would help the bank to reduce workload for the bank. 

(Sources: Vietnam News; CMC Corporation)


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