BioNexus Gene Lab Invests in Malaysian AI Healthcare Firm

May 2024

BioNexus Gene Lab Corporation (BGLC), a US-based global leader in genomic diagnostics and healthcare technology, has announced a strategic investment by its wholly-owned subsidiary, MRNA Scientific Sdn Bhd, in Ascension Innovation Sdn Bhd (AISB), a Malaysian company. MRNA Scientific will invest MYR 1.2 million (USD 250,000) in AISB.

This investment in AISB is a strategic effort to accelerate healthcare innovation, funded internally by BGLC. The investment will result in an indicative equity stake of around 10% of the ordinary shares in AISB upon completion. The capital infusion will support AISB’s development, particularly in accelerating its artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, including AI assistance in clinics and on-app. These AI features will integrate predictive and generative AI for note-taking, analysis, and diagnosis aids using Large Language Models (LLM), voice transcription, and natural language assistance for service selection and bookings.

AISB’s flagship platform, aiCMS, will enhance early disease detection and personalized health recommendations in clinics and on-app, incorporating in-app predictive health and wellness recommendations, medical translation services, and AI medical image analysis. This strategic investment will also enable BGLC’s Blood-based Genomic Screening (BGS) liquid biopsies and other diagnostic services to be more effectively marketed and accessible to a broader range of customers and healthcare providers. Integration into AISB’s aiCMS and the aiCARE app will facilitate direct booking through healthcare providers and patients.

(Sources: Biospectrum Asia; Bernama)

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