Vietnam’s Dairy Giant Adopts Dual Vacuum Technology

Apr 2024

Vinamilk, Vietnam’s largest dairy company, has introduced its latest offering, the Vinamilk Green Farm fresh milk, produced from eco-conscious farm ingredients and employing dual vacuum technology to preserve its natural taste. Unveiled during the “Experience enjoying – Traveling the region of taste with Vinamilk Green Farm” event held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vinamilk highlighted how the fresh milk line represents a significant milestone.

Notably, it marks the debut of dual vacuum technology in the company’s production process, coupled with the utilization of raw materials sourced from an eco-friendly farm system, all aimed at preserving the inherent flavor of the product. Vinamilk’s farms have adopted biogas technology to convert waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer, thereby enhancing soil quality and fertility.

As of 2022, Vinamilk Green Farm has recycled 216,000 tons of water. Presently, the renewable resources generated by Vinamilk Green Farm equate to the volume of water required to fill 86 Olympic swimming pools and contribute to carbon neutrality equivalent to planting trees across 30,000 soccer fields.

Vinamilk Green Farm aims at providing Vietnamese consumers with products that meet international standards, incorporating advanced technology in their production. While employing innovative methods, Vinamilk Green Farm also wants to offer its products at reasonable prices, ensuring accessibility for all Vietnamese consumers.


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