Vietnam Government Exploring Measures to Reduce Industrial Energy Use

Mar 2019

With the industrial sector account for 47% of Vietnam’s total Energy consumption, the country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) is reviewing businesses to explore reduction of Energy usage by the high volume consumers of Energy. 

MOIT has planned several policies, such as requiring enterprises to have staff specializing in saving Energy and have an Energy audit every three years. They will also have to report on their Energy consumption and plans to save Energy to authorities in their localities. In addition, the government is providing technical support for Energy audits, conducting worker training and showcasing Energy saving technologies, under the national program on Energy saving for the 2019-30 period. The national program includes a target of reducing Energy loss in the steel and cement sectors to 16.5%. This will be implemented in two phases, the first from 2019-25 and the second from 2026-30, and could reduce the country’s total Energy used by between 5 and 7% in the first phase.

The ministry has also received USD 6 million fund from Denmark for setting up a fund for brick manufacturers to upgrade their equipment and save Energy. Within 2 years,  63 small- and medium-sized firms Manufacturing bricks have accessed loans from the fund.

MOIT is also making preparation for an Energy saving project which will provide technical support to businesses, with support from the World Bank through Vietcombank and BIDV.

(Source: Vietnam News)

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