Plastic Recyclers Could Contribute MYR 20 Billion Annually to Malaysian Economy

Oct 2019

The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) and Malaysian Plastics Recyclers Association (MPRA) said Malaysia needed to go hi-tech in order for the plastics recycling industry to develop into a sustainable industry. Plastic recyclers could potentially grow their contribution to the Malaysian economy by three to four times, to an estimated MYR 15 billion (USD 3.6 billion) to MYR 20 billion (USD 4.8 billion) annually, with increased investments in better technology, Infrastructure and upgraded capacity. The plastics recycling industry contributed MYR 4.5 billion (USD 1.1 billion) to the Malaysian economy during last year.

The Housing and Local Government Ministry is planning to introduce a new plastic recycling policy in order to improve plastic waste management. The policy will consider input from the Malaysian Plastics Recycling Industry White Paper produced by MPRA and MPMA in collaboration with Monash University Malaysia. This comprehensive white paper will provide guidelines.

At the same time, the plastics industry is represented in a steering group to establish a Malaysian Plastics Pact, a national initiative for constructive dialogue among stakeholders from manufacturers and brand owners as well as government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the public to address the problem of plastic waste in Malaysia and take collective action for reducing the usage of single-use plastics and development of a circular economy for plastic.

(Sources: The Star, The Malaysian Reserve)

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