US Firm Lands Contracts for Maritime Patrol Aircraft Services in Indonesia

Apr 2024

Integrated Surveillance and Defense (ISD), a US-based firm, has been awarded a contract by the US Navy to enhance three maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) for the Indonesian Navy. This project involves upgrading two Airbus Defence & Space CN235 MPAs and outfitting a Beechcraft King Air 350i with maritime surveillance equipment. Additionally, ISD will provide a mission system simulator.

Over the course of 24 months, ISD will integrate various equipment, including maritime surveillance radar, electro-optical/infrared sensors, an automatic identification system for ship identification, mission management systems, and data links. This project will be executed by Indonesian Aerospace, also known as PTDI, at its facility in Bandung. ISD and PTDI have previously partnered on comparable CN235-based MPA initiatives.

According to the president of ISD, the implementation and delivery of ISD’s solutions will establish a unified mission system for both the Indonesian Navy and Air Force aircraft. This will lead to standardized mission execution and training for all operators, ultimately enhancing mission effectiveness. Furthermore, the program will facilitate a shared equipment spare pool, reducing lifecycle and maintenance expenses.

During the Singapore air show in February 2024, the president of ISD informed FlightGlobal that the company was actively pursuing opportunities in Indonesia for the CN235s and King Air. Additionally, the president mentioned that ISD is involved in another opportunity concerning King Air 90s, previously supplied to the Philippine Navy by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Manila seeks to enhance the surveillance capabilities of these aircraft, which were originally used for training.

ISD has implemented intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities on numerous aircraft worldwide. Their clients encompass law enforcement agencies in the Australian state of Victoria and military forces in Egypt, Guatemala, Nigeria, Mexico, and Turkey.

(Source: FlightGlobal)

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