Three Major Hospital Chains to Use Remote Cardiac Monitoring Services by US’ CB Scientific

Apr 2021

Three major hospital chains in Thailand, namely Bangkok Hospital Nakon Ratchasima, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, and Bangpakok9 Hospital, have agreed to use Remote Cardiac Monitoring Services provided by CB Scientific (CBSC), beginning in April 2021. CBSC has Mango Wellness Co. Ltd. (MWC) as the exclusive authorized distributor in Thailand and seeks further penetration of the remote cardiac monitoring market into government hospitals and medical universities.

Founded in 1987, CB Scientific is a provider of innovative products and services for the ambulatory non-invasive cardiac monitoring space. CBSC’s Remote Cardiac Monitoring Services incorporate the proprietary my-Cam device and a cloud-based software portal.

Mango Wellness and its subsidiary My Cardia Thailand have been conducting trials of the my-Cam device, which consists of 102 cardiologists in 42 hospitals, totaling more than 1700 ambulatory remote cardiac event monitoring tests to date since the beginning of the year.

As a part of these trials, MWC is also in negotiations with N Health Services, a purchasing subsidiary of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS – one of the most prestigious hospital networks in the Asia-Pacific region), to secure a joint marketing partnership to promote MWC’s Remote Cardiac Monitoring Services to the 48 hospitals in the BDMS network in Thailand.

(Sources: CB Scientific; Bloomberg)

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