UNO Technologies, Aetos Pharma Collaborate for Malaysia’s Healthcare Tech Transformation

Nov 2021

Singapore’s rapidly growing Medical Technology (MedTech) firm, UNO Technologies, has just announced its expansion into Malaysia by teaming up with Aetos Pharma, a local emerging pharmaceutical start-up, to jointly push the digital transformation of Malaysia’s private healthcare sector. This is part of the regional expansion strategy for UNO Technologies which has been in operation since 2015.

UNO will introduce its Clinic Management System (UNO CMS) to medical practitioners and businesses as its first product for the Malaysian market. UNO CMS is an end-to-end platform to digitize clinical and operational workflows, providing accurate, up-to-date and actionable data to help physicians, clinics, and individuals to make smarter decisions. The platform also assists clinic administrators to run and optimize their business with intelligent tools and efficient processes. It will team up with Aetos Pharma, a distributor and wholesaler for pharmaceutical products such as medicines, medical devices, and OTC products, whose clients include primarily private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy chains in Malaysia.

Malaysia offers a solidly growing medical industry with increasing levels of investments into both private and public healthcare systems. The pandemic has also accelerated the digital transformation of the healthcare industry to not only reduce healthcare costs but also improve the quality of care for patients and increase the efficiency of services delivery. Intensified interest by global venture capitals and tech giants in the local startup and tech ecosystem has also fueled another wave of innovation in the sector, further bolstered by the government’s national MyDigital initiative which aims to transform the country into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy.

(Sources: UNO Technologies; Disruptive Asia; Mobi Health News)

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