mu Space Opens New Satellite and Space Factory in Thailand

Nov 2021

Aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider mu Space Corp. has just displayed to the public its brand-new satellite, the mu-B200 and the opening of Factory 2 in Bangkok, at its Satellite Tech Unveil 2021 event. Factory 2 is the company’s third factory to date and aims to cement the Southeast Asian company as an aerospace leader.

The organization emphasizes the importance of a vertical-integrated approach, meaning that it designs, builds, and tests all its products in-house in order to improve performance and quality while reducing the additional costs of an extensive supply chain.

In December 2020, mu Space opened its first small-sized factory, known as Factory 0 for research and its technology’s prototypes. A year later, Factory 1, its second factory, was opened. The factory is designated for most of the manufacturing stages, development, tests, production of entire satellites and components. Factory 2 is considered an extension area to be able to produce more satellites. The factory also focuses on producing electronic parts and power systems relating to mu Space’s satellites.

Founded in 2017 by James Yenbamroong, mu Space has conducted orbital microgravity experiments as part of Blue Origin’s New Shephard rocket launches and plans to work further alongside other commercial agencies, as well as to conduct its own launches in the near future.

The mu Space Satellite is the latest satellite produced by mu Space and its team of leading engineers. The satellite weighs 200 kilograms and comes with a 1.2 kW high-power system. The lightweight and high power is accomplished through using nanotechnologies in the manufacturing process. The mu-B200 satellite features krypton thrusters for orbit correction, a phased array antenna, and a unique TRL-9 flight-proven high-power bus system.

(Source: mu Space)

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