Thailand Inaugurates Large Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid Project

Apr 2024

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) just announced the commencement of operations at the 24 MW Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project at Ubol Ratana Dam in Khon Kaen Province.

The Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project at Ubol Ratana Dam integrates three clean energy sources: solar energy, hydropower, and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). It generates electricity from solar energy during daytime and hydropower during nighttime, while the BESS will support continual electricity generation during the transition of electricity generation between two energy sources. Moreover, an Energy Management System and a Weather Forecast System are incorporated to enhance the stability of the electricity generation system by dealing with renewable energy limitations. Solar panels cover less than 1% of the total reservoir area and are installed with suitable inclination to allow sunlight to penetrate the water surface without impacting the underwater ecosystem. In addition, the solar panels and floating platforms are made from environmentally friendly materials.

The Hydro-Floating Solar Hybrid at Ubol Ratana Dam is EGAT’s second floating solar hybrid project, which was developed in accordance with Thailand’s Power Development. Under the plan, EGAT will develop 16 floating solar projects at EGAT nine dams with a total installed capacity of 2,725 MW. By generating electricity from clean energy, the projects help reduce CO2 emissions in the generation process, mitigate global warming, comply with the global energy trend, and drive Thailand toward Carbon Neutrality.

(Source: EGAT)

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