Survey from Tourism Authority of Thailand Reveals Rises in Tourist Spending

Apr 2024

A Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) survey has revealed that foreign tourists in the country have increased their spending on accommodation post-pandemic, showing a preference for luxury hotels or resorts despite higher airfares. The survey, which involved 30,054 tourists in 2023, highlighted that average spending per trip rose to THB 50,900 (around USD 1,400), up from previous years. Accommodation costs accounted for a significant portion of this expenditure, averaging THB 23,518 (around USD 640) per trip.

The survey also showed a shift in dining preferences among tourists, with an increase in those opting for street food, rising from 63% to 77.3%. This change has led to a decrease in the average spending on food and beverage. Café hopping has emerged as a new trend, increasing in popularity among tourists. The TAT observed spending patterns among different nationalities, with tourists from the Middle East being the biggest spenders, followed by visitors from Oceania, the US, and Europe.

The survey highlighted the evolving landscape of travel bookings, with a majority of individual travelers (53.7%) using online platforms for trip arrangements. Despite this, travel agents and tour operators still play a significant role in the industry. TAT’s digital strategy includes a substantial budget request for fiscal 2024 aimed at leveraging social media to target potential tourists. Platforms such as TikTok have seen notable growth, indicating the effectiveness of short video content in attracting new visitors. TAT plans to collaborate with influencers to promote Thailand’s destinations and activities further, capitalizing on the expansive reach of its global social media presence.

(Source: Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand)

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