Starlux Airlines Expands Flight Routes to Bangkok

Nov 2020

Starlux Airlines, a Taiwanese Luxury Airline, has announced plans to commence flights from Taiwan to Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, as well as to Bangkok in Thailand, adding to its current routes to Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The flights to Thailand started on 1st December 2020, while the flights to Japan are scheduled to begin in mid-December.

This expansion comes as a result of the gradual recovery of the travel market, which has allowed Starlux Airlines to open up travel options for businesses and students to Bangkok, made possible due to the flattening of Thailand’s Covid-19 infection curve. Similarly, the airline’s rivals, China Airlines and EVA Air, have also announced plans to resume passenger services to Thailand.

Reservations for the Bangkok flights have been opened since November 2020, and the airline will operate 2 flights per week. Similar to how it has operated its other flights over the course of the pandemic, the airline will make monthly adjustments to its flight schedule to cater to market demand.

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