KT and Medi Plus Solution to Collaborate in Vietnam’s Healthcare Business

Aug 2022

Recently, KT Corporation, South Korean’s largest telecommunication company, and Medi Plus Solution, a Korean Healthcare company, inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to gain entrance to the Vietnamese digital healthcare market.

The two companies are creating a digital patient management service and testing it out in Vietnamese healthcare facilities with the hopes of growing the telemedicine business for cancer patients in Vietnam. Cancer patient management will be handled by Medi Plus Solution, while chronic disease-related services will be created by KT and Huraypositive, a digital healthcare startup situated in Gangnam, Seoul.

CEO of Medi Plus Solution stated that by collaborating with KT, they can perfect the contact-free patient management service model, which has only been used sparingly in Korea because of limitations.

Established in 2013, the Seoul-based Medi Plus Solution provides individualized digital healthcare for cancer patients through its Second Doctor app. Hyundai Future Partners, a fully owned subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, owns 76.8% of the business.

With this collaboration, KT Corporation wishes to utilize Vietnam as the beginning point for its expansion of digital healthcare business in the Asian market. In April, the business agreed to a remote healthcare partnership with Hanoi Medical University. Also, since the beginning of last year, KT Corporation has been working with Vietnam’s National Cancer Hospital to test a post-surgery care service for cancer patients.

(Sources: Korea JoongAng Daily; Business Korea)

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