Thailand Approves USD 131 Million Phuket Medical Tourism Hub

Nov 2022

The Thai government has just approved the construction of a THB 5 billion (USD 131 million) international medical hub in the touristy Phuket. The goal is to expand health- and wellness-related tourism.

Construction of what is being branded as the Andaman International Health Center will commence in 2023, and it will be expected to be completed by 2027. The Andaman Center will include a research facility and training center for medical professionals, together with a full-service hospital for local and overseas patients. The hospital will have 300 beds and will be able to handle 12,500 complicated cases and over 300,000 out-patients a year.

The government of Thailand will finance the entirety of the budget, as the project is in line with the 20-year national strategy of having Thailand reach high-income status by 2037. It is expected that the project will generate a combined THB 62 billion (USD 1.6 billion) in annual revenue from health and tourism services.

Phuket is a key touristy destination in Thailand, with direct flights to its international airport, and widespread presence of resorts and residential developments. The island received 1.1 million foreign visitors from January-August 2022 as tourism began to reopen after Covid-19 related restrictions were eased.

(Sources: Bloomberg; Thai Public Broadcasting Service)

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