Hira Industries to Open New Manufacturing Plant in Vietnam

Nov 2022

Hira Industries, a Dubai-based company specializing in manufacturing products for the construction industry, has just announced plans to launch a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam. This plant, which is 15,000 square meters in size and equipped with cutting-edge technology, will serve Southeast Asian markets.

The plant will be among the biggest in Vietnam, and it seeks to provide cutting-edge acoustic and thermal insulation products. 100 people will reside at the plant, with plans to add more as manufacturing capacities rise in the future. Additionally, it will serve as a hub for products such as aerofoam, flexicell, goflex, and aerosound. 

According to the assessment of Hira Industries, the enterprise has room to grow its export markets with product lines from this factory, since Vietnam’s economy is fairly open and participates in various trade agreements with many major markets. 

Hira Industries has operated in Southeast Asia since 2016, with customers ranging from hospitals, residential projects and hotels. Launching this facility marks a milestone for Hira, as this will be its 15th factory in the world, a step towards strengthening its position in Southeast Asia. 

With more than 30 sales offices and 16 production facilities spread across the UAE, India, and Vietnam, Hira Industries ranks among the largest HVAC and building materials distribution and manufacturing companies. 

(Source: Khaleej Times)

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