French and Indonesian Firms Collaborate for Armored Personnel Carrier Development

Mar 2024

Texelis, a French vehicle chassis manufacturer, and Sentra Surya Ekajayais (SSE), an Indonesian vehicle manufacturer, have collaborated to design an armored personnel carrier (APC) for the Indonesian National Armed Forces. As per Texelis’ press release, the partnership involves supplying an unspecified quantity of Celeris 4×4 chassis kits to SSE. Additionally, Texelis will offer comprehensive development and support services to tailor the mobility solution according to SSE’s requirements under the agreement.

The Celeris 4×4 chassis offers a range of features, including 12 fundamental kits such as axle, powerpack, transmission, transfer case, and steering system. Additionally, Texelis stated that the chassis includes 30 optional kits, which vary based on the vehicle’s configuration. As part of the partnership, Texelis is set to supply the initial kits for the Celeris 4×4 chassis to SSE by the first half of 2024, with the first APC prototype anticipated to be unveiled before the end of the same year. Subsequent deliveries of the remaining series of kits are scheduled for 2025.

In the Texelis Celeris program, a proficient original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has the capability to develop a prototype of a new vehicle within a year, followed by the qualification phase with Texelis’ assistance. Texelis aims to complete the program within 18 months of order placement. The Celeris chassis, weighing approximately 4.5 tons with tires included, is adaptable to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) spanning 13 to 18 tons.

(Source: Janes)

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