VinFast to Manufacture Batteries in Vietnam and Electric Cars in the US

Mar 2021

VinFast Trading and Production LLC, a subsidiary of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, has recently released two important announcements related to the company’s electric car business.

In early March 2021, VinFast announced that it signed an agreement with ProLogium Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) to manufacture solid-state batteries for electric cars in Vietnam. The two companies will establish a joint venture which will manufacture CIM/CIP solid-state batteries using ProLogium’s MAB technology. VinFast’s alliance with ProLogium is a key step in the company’s journey to become a global smart electric vehicle brand. Since 2013, ProLogium has been a global pioneer in the commercialization of solid-state battery technology. It was the first organization in the world to have a solid-state battery test line for automotive applications in 2017. ProLogium’s automotive solid-state batteries have passed several safety checks in Europe and China, the world’s two largest markets for electric vehicles. The use of solid-state batteries would enable VinFast electric cars to travel longer distances, charge faster, and be recharged more frequently.

The company also announced plans to open an automobile plant in the US, following the establishment of a 50-member R&D office in San Francisco. California regulators recently approved VinFast’s application to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. In 2022, the company expects to sell its first hybrid vehicles to consumers in the US. Crucially, the Governor of California ordered to phase out sales of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035, which is billed as an incentive for Vinfast to sell electric vehicles in the market.

(Sources: Vietnamnews; VIR)

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