Thailand Spearheads 5G Developments in the Region

Jun 2021

Thailand just announced that its Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) will become the first special economic region in South East Asia to offer 5G telecommunications services. The EEC, a 13,000-square kilometer hub, is already the base of some of the largest global suppliers of IT products and services.

Thai conglomerates are taking active steps, too. For instance, local telecom operator True Corporation recently announced plans to spend about USD 1.2 – 1.9 billion in the next three to five years on 5G networks, aiming to transform into a tech and data firm. According to the company, Thailand’s 5G network rollout is “on par with Japan”. True also announced its target of 1 million 5G subscribers in 2021, up from 250,000 recorded in 2020.

In addition to 5G networks, True will work on improving its 5G content production and digital solutions, while strengthening data analytics. The company also announced the creation of the special 5G technology showcase True 5G Worldtech X based at True Digital Park. The digital park boasts a 5G tech sandbox facility that allows system integrators and startups to employ 5G-based applications.

The market also is attracting foreign players. In an illustrative example, in May 2021 American software provider Mavenir revealed it is working with Thailand’s state-owned telecommunications company National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) and other partners to launch the first 5G Open Radio Access Network (RAN) Smart City in Ban Chang.

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