Singapore Bio-Tech Firm Collaborates with Indonesian State-Owned Entities

Mar 2024

Bio Ark Global, a biotechnology firm headquartered in Singapore, recently formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand into Southeast Asia (SEA). Bio Ark Global intends to introduce its bio-organic technology and agricultural inputs to the local economy, offering solutions free of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and contaminants.

Bio Ark Global employs a unique method focused on a self-sufficient, closed-loop system, sourcing and producing all raw materials and fertilizers locally. In Bandung, a significant collaboration was solidified with the state-owned enterprise Perdana Multi Sarana Bandung Barat (PMgS) in February 2024. This partnership saw the executive team of Bio Ark Global and the PMgS Director inaugurating Bandung’s first bio-organic fertilizer plant. Beyond this milestone, the alliance with PMgS signifies a new phase of agricultural innovation in the region, emphasizing sustainable practices to address local and regional food supply demands. Bandung, historically renowned for its agricultural prowess, particularly in rice production, boasts over 160,000 hectares of farmland, with food crops occupying more than 35% of this area.

Furthermore, in Pemalang, Central Java, a MoU between Bio Ark Global and the Pemalang government is scheduled to be signed soon. This agreement will allocate 4,000 hectares of land to Bio Ark Global to initiate a comprehensive corn cultivation project, laying the groundwork for a self-sufficient food security solution. The MoU outlines a profit-sharing arrangement for the 4,000-hectare initiative, underscoring the Pemalang government’s trust in Bio Ark Global’s dedication to promoting shared success and sustainability in the regional agricultural industry.

Bio Ark Global is set to partner with SGP Indo Fresh Produce, a well-established local entity with extensive experience in Indonesia, particularly in agricultural exports. This partnership aims to facilitate integration into the local agricultural network. In addition to corn cultivation, Bio Ark Global plans to conduct field trials for various export crops in cooperation with local farmers.

(Source: ANTARA News)

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