Philippines Department of Energy Plans to Standardize E-Vehicle Charging Stations

Feb 2019

The Department of Energy (DOE) of the Philippines is drafting a regulatory framework that aims to standardize charging stations in support of the country’s electric vehicle (EV) industry. According to DOE, the proposals are now under the final review of the Office of the Secretary and will be released within the year.

In November 2017, Unioil launched an EV charging facility at its fueling station along Congressional Ave. Extension in Quezon City, becoming the first petroleum company in the Philippines to do so. Unioil’s EV charging station has the latest Chademo fast-charging protocol, which is compatible with most Japanese, US and European electric vehicles, as well as the competing protocol combined charging system. 

The DOE will select a single charging protocol but it is not known yet which would be the selected protocol. Proposals for the standards will then be submitted to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to secure funding from its Clean Technology Fund (CTF).

DOE is currently using a loan from the CTF for its e-trike project. The overall objective of the project is to replace 100,000 gasoline-fueled tricycles with three-wheeled plug-in electric vehicles or e-trikes that use rechargeable batteries. Out of the 3,000 e-trikes ready for deployment, over 1,200 have been donated to several LGUs namely the cities of Marawi, Valenzuela, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas and Pateros. The latest LGU is Mandaluyong City.

(Source: The Philippine Star; Asian Development Bank)

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