Malaysian Health Data Warehouse Completes Phase 2 of Patient Data Collection

Mar 2019

A digital initiative by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) system has completed its second phase of gathering information on outpatients from public and private facilities. The system collects data on people’s visits to any health care facility, inpatient visits, outpatient visits, visits to daycare unit services, as well as visits to clinical support groups like physiotherapy, speech, or audio. About 60 million visits have been recorded from 2.5 million inpatients. The anonymized data was collected from all government hospitals, military hospitals, and daycare unit services since 2017.

MyHDW was launched In October 2017 as a central system to house citizens’ health data. MyHDW was created with local technology developed by MIMOS, the national applied R&D agency for ICT in Malaysia. The data is structured for query and analysis purposes. MyHDW has the capability to generate reports, analyze and disseminate information through a dashboard, featuring disease-based KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

The Health Ministry aspires to make evidence-based decision making in identifying disease trends or deciding on the need for extra health facilities in certain areas by collecting and analyzing data via MyHDW. MyHDW is now in the process of creating a “virtual Environment” for researchers to access the data, as part of its third phase. 

(Source: The Malay Mail)

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