Google to Invest USD 2 Billion for First Google Data Centre, Google Cloud Region in Malaysia

Jun 2024

Google plans to invest MYR 9.4 billion (USD 2 billion) in Malaysia, marking its largest investment in the country to date. This initiative includes the establishment of Google’s first data center and Google Cloud region, aimed at meeting the increasing demand for cloud services globally and locally, alongside fostering artificial intelligence (AI) literacy among students and educators.

This investment showcases Google’s collaboration with the Malaysian government to advance its ‘Cloud First Policy’ and implement efficient cybersecurity standards. Google estimates that its investment will generate a positive economic impact of over MYR 15.04 billion (USD 3.2 billion) and create 26,500 jobs by 2030. The data center will support Google’s popular digital services such as Search, Maps, and Workspace, benefiting users worldwide, including those in Malaysia. Additionally, it will facilitate the delivery of AI benefits across the country.

The data center will be situated at Elmina Business Park in Selangor state. Once operational, Malaysia will join 11 other countries hosting Google data centers that serve global users. The Google Cloud region in Malaysia will offer high-performance, low-latency services tailored for large enterprises, startups, and public sector organizations. It will provide stringent controls to maintain top-tier security, data residency, and compliance standards, including specific data storage requirements. Complementing this, Google Cloud’s existing Dedicated Cloud Interconnect locations in Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur will enable direct connections between organizations’ networks and Google Cloud’s global infrastructure. This strategic move builds upon Google’s 13-year presence in Malaysia and a recent collaboration agreement with the Malaysian government to promote inclusive growth through AI and cloud technologies for local businesses and communities.

(Sources: Focus Malaysia; Malay Mail)

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