Dell Technologies Looking to Expand Hybrid Cloud Services in Thailand

May 2021

Tech giant Dell Technologies is looking into expanding its hybrid cloud services in Thailand, where the cloud computing market is expected to be valued at  THB 15 billion (USD 479.8 million) in 2024, according to a recent report by global research firm IDC.

Cloud computing is a segment with a promising outlook as it responds to increased enterprise demand while boosting agility and resilience in business operations. The COVID-19 outbreak has also significantly accelerated the pace of digital transformation. According to Noppadol Punyatipat, Dell Technologies Thailand’s managing director, “anything projected to happen in 2030 will occur in 2025.”

To capitalize on the demand for hybrid cloud in Thailand and ascend with the rise of the on-demand economy, the company recently signed cooperation pacts with six local cloud service providers, including AIS, Cloud HM, NTT, PROEN Corp, SiS Distribution, and Tangerine. The move solidifies a portfolio of comprehensive consumption-based, as-a-service solutions with specialization across industries and sectors, covering organizations of all sizes.

Dell Technologies Cloud offers a consistent cloud platform experience across cloud environments, spanning private infrastructure, public clouds, and edge locations, eliminating silos and the complexity of multiple clouds through a single operational hub. According to a Forrester survey, Dell Technologies cloud services users in over three years could see an incremental return on investment of 170% and recoup their costs within six months.

(Sources: Tech Times; Tech2Thai; Bangkok Post)

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