British Crayfish Enterprise Targets Success in Indonesia

May 2024

Noola Sukess Mandiri (NSM), an Indonesian enterprise specializing in red claw crayfish cultivation, recently announced its near completion of the initial farming trial. This milestone marks a significant step forward for the company, which embarked on its operational journey in September 2023 after an extensive two-year period dedicated to research, development trials, and consortium establishment.

Initially founded by Elena Piana in the United Kingdom, the startup aimed to rear red claw crayfish to commercial size within a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility. While the UK remains the base for its breeding and hatchery initiatives, the founder opted to establish the operational hub in Indonesia after a visit facilitated by the British Embassy. This visit facilitated crucial meetings with key figures from the Indonesia Aquaculture Department in Jakarta. NSM was born through a collaborative effort involving Indonesian investors and key players in the industry by ensuring alignment with local regulations and fostering a supportive environment.

Currently, NSM stands on the brink of finalizing its inaugural farming trial, experimenting with novel methodologies to enhance yields, a pivotal move in expanding production. This trial has garnered backing from the Aquaculture Department of Central Java, which has provided both ponds and invaluable expertise and personnel. Concurrently, NSM has unveiled its product, “NoolaRed, the finest freshwater lobster from Indonesia,” marking an official entry into the commercial sphere.

The company focuses on serving the Indonesian market, specializing in larger sizes ranging from 50 to 70 grams. It procures products from established family-owned farms and dedicated fishermen renowned for their exceptional local offerings. As farming trials advance and additional farmers participate in the program, NSM harbors aspirations of venturing into international export markets.

(Source: The Fish Site)

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