Australian Food and Wine Industries Explore Trade Opportunities in Indonesia

Jun 2024

Leaders from some of Australia’s major food and wine representative groups met in Indonesia to foster trade opportunities between the two nations. The Roundtable Discussion featured representatives from Meat & Livestock Australia, other Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group members, and officials from the Australian government, industry, and their Indonesian counterparts.

The discussion covered the market outlook for Indonesia, focusing on the next 12 months and beyond, with participants exchanging perspectives and insights. They also discussed strategies to enhance Australia’s engagement with Indonesia and identify opportunities for market growth. Additionally, the roundtable offered the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group a platform to collectively promote and highlight the quality of Australian produce and wine. In the evening, the Taste the Wonders of Australia Gala Dinner allowed Indonesian importers, chefs, government representatives, and local media to sample premium Australian food and wine while networking with Australian producers and industry representatives.

The Roundtable Discussion and Gala Dinner are integral to a collaborative initiative by the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group. This group, which includes Meat & Livestock Australia, Hort Innovation, Wine Australia, Dairy Australia, and Seafood Industry Australia, aims to bolster business opportunities and elevate the profile of Australian food and beverage exporters throughout Asia.

Indonesia is the fourth target market for the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group. According to the Regional Manager for Southeast Asia at Meat & Livestock Australia, Indonesia has been a long-term partner and consumer of Australian red meat. The Regional Manager notes that Indonesia’s growing middle-class consumer base presents promising long-term opportunities for Australian beef and lamb exports.

Since receiving funding from the Agriculture Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) in early 2022, the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group has engaged with over 480 key trade contacts, customers, and government officials through activities in Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. Dairy Australia’s General Manager notes a clear and growing momentum for the Collaboration Group.

The Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group’s initial two-year program, supported by an Agriculture Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) grant, has been extended with a second ATMAC grant. This extension will enable the group to enhance trade engagement and market access in additional high-value markets, beginning with Taiwan.

(Source: Mirage News)

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