Thai Cabinet Approves Roadmap for Tackling Plastic Waste

May 2019

By the end of 2019, Thailand will have banned the Manufacturing and use of microbeads, cap seals and oxo-degradable plastics. By 2022, four other single-use plastics will get the chop, including plastic bags, foam boxes, cups and straws. The Thai interim government gave the green light for these measures when they gave their initial endorsement for a roadmap to address plastic waste from 2018-2030.

The plan, proposed by the Pollution Control Department, will decrease plastic pollution at the source, reduce single-use plastics and introduce better waste management measures. The roadmap proposes an ambitious target of 100% plastic reuse by 2027.

The measures are timely, as Thailand reused only 25% of all waste produced in 2018, and the average Thai consumer uses around eight plastic bags per day, translating to 500 million per day for the country.

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