South Korea’s K-water Plans to Construct a Water Treatment Facility in Indonesia

Jun 2024

Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-water) has collaborated with Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing to establish a water treatment facility in Nusantara, which is situated in east Borneo and slated to become Indonesia’s new capital. Nusantara is the focus of South Korea’s official development assistance to the Southeast Asian nation.

As part of the agreement, K-water plans to construct a water treatment plant capable of purifying 30,000 tons of water daily, intended to serve approximately 200,000 residents in Nusantara’s administrative district. The total project expenditure is projected to be KRW 28.5 billion (USD 20.9 million).

According to the government agency, it has finished evaluating its construction plans and intends to choose a contractor by the end of the year. Upon commencement of construction, K-water is set to become South Korea’s inaugural government body involved in Indonesia’s new capital initiative. The agency further stated that this facility will mark Indonesia’s first carbon-neutral water treatment plant, boasting cutting-edge technology for superior energy efficiency. The system also incorporates AI technology to autonomously optimize the application of purification chemicals for maximum water quality.

The partnership between the two nations was unveiled at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia. In addition to the water treatment facility project, K-water committed to expanding collaboration with the Mekong River Commission for development activities along the downstream Mekong River.

Since announcing its decision in 2019 to relocate its capital, Indonesia has accelerated its efforts, establishing competent authorities for the future capital and seeking international partners. The South Korean government has expressed its commitment to exploring additional avenues of collaboration with Indonesia while also encouraging participation from local companies in these partnerships.

(Source: The Korea Times)

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