Singapore Completes Phase 2 of Sewage ‘Superhighway’

Sep 2023

Singapore has just announced the completion of tunneling works for the second phase of its SGD 10 billion (USD 7.3 billion) Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) project, which will enhance the city-state’s water recycling capacity.

DTSS was designed in the 1990s as Singapore’s national water agency, known as PUB, was exploring cost-efficient and land-efficient ways to reclaim and recycle water. Before this initiative, the city-state was divided into six water catchment zones, each of them equipped with a water reclamation plant and over 130 pumping stations.

The DTSS boasts a 206 km long network of deep tunnels and links sewers through which used water will be channeled entirely via gravity, instead of energy-intensive pumping, to three water reclamation plants in Changi, Kranji and Tuas.

The first phase of the DTSS serves the eastern half of Singapore and was concluded in 2008. Phase 2 has seen the construction of a 98 km long network of tunnels and link sewers with diameters between 3m and 6m. It will serve the western half of Singapore.

The government highlighted that more than 5,000 workers were involved in the project at the peak of the tunneling works.

Works will now focus on building the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant, which will have advanced technology to treat two separate streams of domestic and industrial used water, making an efficient use of energy. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in 2026.

(Source: New Civil Engineer)

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