Malaysia Sets 5G Milestones as Petronas Leads with Private Network, DNB Alliance Achieves World’s Fastest Trial

Nov 2023

Malaysia is undergoing a digital transformation with groundbreaking 5G technology, exemplified by Petronas as the first to adopt a private 5G network. Additionally, a strategic alliance involving Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), TM, and ZTE Corporation has introduced the world’s fastest 5G live trial.

Petronas, the state-owned energy company, has successfully implemented a private 5G network at its Regasification Terminal Sungai Udang (RGTSU) in Melaka. This initiative has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and safety at RGTSU Melaka, aligning with the company’s business and sustainability targets. Concurrently, the partnership between DNB, TM, and ZTE Corporation has created the world’s fastest 5G live trial, achieving remarkable speeds of up to 28Gbps. Leveraging TM’s network infrastructure, ZTE’s cutting-edge technology, and DNB’s commitment to 5G capabilities, this collaboration aims to position Malaysia as a leader in mmWave technology.

The nation is making strides toward achieving its goal of 80% 5G network coverage in populated areas by 2023, contributing to the broader objective of providing secure, reliable, cost-optimized, and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Malaysia’s progress in 5G connectivity has earned recognition from independent analytics companies such as Opensignal and Ookla.

(Sources: New Straits Times; TM; ZTE)

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