Maynilad Spends USD 8.4 Million for PRV Technology

Jun 2021

West Zone concessionaire Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) has spent PHP 410 million (USD 8.4 million) for the installation of pressure-regulating valves (PRV) in select points of its distribution system to manage water pressure in the network and optimize supply availability for customers.

The water company started using this technology in 2011 and now has 1,200 PRVs across its concession area. PRVs serve to equalize pressure in the network, enabling Maynilad to spread out the water supply to a wider area without putting undue stress on the piping system. PRVs also automatically lower pressure during off-peak hours, thus helping to reduce water losses while also making supply distribution more energy efficient.

PRVs allowed Maynilad to have better control of water flowing in their network of pipelines. It also enabled them to reduce excessive pressure at night during low-demand hours and redirect that pressure to fill up its reservoirs in preparation for peak demand by daytime.

To date, around 85% of Maynilad’s distribution system is already covered with PRVs. The water company aims to attain full PRV coverage by 2026.

The installation of PRVs is a part of Maynilad’s Non-Revenue Water Management program, which seeks to manage losses in the network through selective pipe replacement, active leakage control, network diagnostics, replacement of old water meters, and establishment of District Metered Areas.

(Sources: Maynilad Water Services, Inc.)