Malaysian Manufacturer Signs Distributorship Agreement to Supply 200,000 E-Motorbikes

Apr 2021

Malaysian electric vehicles (EV) maker Tree Technologies Sdn Bhd (Treeletrik) has signed a partnership to supply 200,000 units of its 100% electric motorbikes to Indonesia via distributors PT Pasifik Sakti Enjiniring and  Nahdatul Ulama Board (PBNU). The distributorship agreement extends Treeletrik’s regional presence as a key player in promoting electric mobility and supporting ASEAN’s energy transition agenda.

Under the agreement, Treeletrik’s electric motorbikes will be jointly marketed by PT Pasifik Sakti Enjiniring and PBNU for the Indonesian market. Treeletrik’s new electric motorbike range, certified in Europe and Malaysia with UNECE WP.29, will feature Treeletrik’s signature quick swap lithium battery technology. With an average speed of 65-90 km/hour, the e-motorbikes have a travel range of 85 to 120 km daily (averaging 70,000 kilometers over 36 months). Treeletrik e-motorbikes offer users long-term cost-saving benefits, saving users above 50% daily running and maintenance costs.

Aligned with Indonesia’s Acceleration of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle Program, the local partners are optimistic about demand and set sales targets at 10,000 units for 2021 and 200,000 units by the end of 2023. The company also plans to establish an assembly plant in Indonesia, to streamline supply chain efficiencies and improve margins.

(Sources: Tree Technologies; The Insider Stories)

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