Malaysia Plans to Commit USD 82.7 Billion on Flood Prevention

Oct 2022

Malaysia’s Environment and Water Ministry projected that the country will have to spend MYR 392 billion (USD 82.7 billion) on flood mitigation measures up until 2100. In the shorter term, the country has allocated an off-budget of MYR 15 billion (USD 3.17 billion) between 2023 and 2030.

The cost estimate, among others, includes the main components of flood mitigation and urban drainage of MYR 230.71 billion (USD 48.7 billion) as well as the coastal infrastructure of MYR 126.55 billion (USD 26.7 billion). The ministry has also come up with the National Water Sector Transformation Agenda 2040, starting with the 12th Malaysia Plan up to the 15th Malaysia Plan. This agenda also focuses on efforts to strengthen sector governance, including mainstreaming adaptation in flood risk management. This takes into account the integration of disaster risk management through long-term mitigation and short-term flood management involving Structural and Non-Structural approaches.

The Dutch Risk Reduction-Team (DRR-Team) from the Netherlands conducted initial research on flood mitigation in Malaysia in September 2022. The team discovered a number of issues with data and modeling, planning land use, and the time span required for implementing long-term, sustainable flood risk management. In terms of Flood Risk Management, they also identified chances to begin using a proactive strategy.

(Sources: Daily Express; The Kingdom of Netherlands)

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