DHL Express Expands Johor Gateway Facility for Regional Demand

Nov 2022

Global express service provider, DHL Express, has opened its expanded Johor Gateway facility in the Senai Airport City industrial park. The facility, which is more than twice as big as its predecessor and is worth MYR 10.8 million (USD 2.37 million), would promote brisk trade growth in Malaysia’s southern region.

With its high-speed conveyor system, the new Johor Gateway can sort up to 1,900 cargo per hour. This offers improved shipment processing for more than 1,800 parcels and documents bound for and coming from the facility’s busiest trade lanes, namely the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, China, and Japan. Customers in Singapore and Johor benefit from improved service due to the shorter transit times. According to Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) guidelines, the Johor Gateway is run by 135 Certified International Specialists and is built to the highest security standards.

Besides modern X-ray and explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment, high-definition digital cameras that track and record shipment movement piece by piece will be implemented. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge solar panels and energy-efficient infrastructure that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 22%, in keeping with Deutsche Post DHL Group’s objective to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Johor Gateway is one of six gateways across the DHL Express Malaysia aviation and ground network. This entails 11 service centers, 137 retail stores and service points, 347 vehicles, 73 weekly flights, four dedicated aircrafts, and 1,500 employees.

(Sources: Airfreight-logistics; Stattimes)

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