Indonesian Data Preparation and Management Startup Raises Seed Funding

Jun 2020

An Indonesian data management startup, Delman, that helps companies to clean up data, has raised USD 1.6 million in seed funding. The fresh funding is going towards establishing a research & development center and hiring data scientists and data engineers.

Founded in 2018, Delman was initially created as an end-to-end big data analytics provider. However, after discussion with clients in the country, the company decided to pivot to data preparation and management, as they realized that for Indonesian companies the main concern is that their data is spread across multiple formats. It is not ready for analysis via data analytics solutions. Large companies end up spending up to USD 200,000 to clean up and warehouse data.

Delman sees the opportunity in this niche market, by providing a cost-effective and fast solution. Its solution connects and unifies data from a combination of files, databases and apps. It cleans, combines, matches and clusters the data, while smart data validation helps companies utilize the data for relevant business KPIs. Delman is aiming to partner with every stakeholder in the data analytics services field. Current clients of Delman include government agencies, large corporations, consulting firms such as PWC and smart city technology company, Qlue.

The company is also planning to expand to other South East Asian markets, expecting that with the COVID-19 outbreak, companies would be willing to invest more in their IT infrastructure and have their databases easily accessed outside of a central location.

(Source: Tech Crunch)

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