Indonesia and Germany Collaborate in Green Transportation Development

Jan 2024

Indonesia and Germany are joining forces to develop eco-friendly transportation systems, including bus rapid transit (BRT) in Semarang and Surabaya, as well as the modernization of the railway system in Surabaya. The German government, via the KfW Development Bank, is set to contribute a EUR 2.5 billion (USD 2.72 billion) for these projects.

The Indonesian Transportation Minister recently emphasized the significance of the transportation sector as a major contributor to carbon emissions in Indonesia, making the development of a green transportation system a top priority. The collaboration is part of the Indonesian-German Green Infrastructure Initiative (GII), aligning with Indonesia’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions sustainably.

The Semarang BRT, covering 17.4 kilometers, will include 35 routes with 35 bus stops and 395 service stops in the Greater Semarang area. In Surabaya, the BRT will encompass 94 routes over 40.7 km of existing roads with 50 stops. Additionally, the Surabaya Regional Railway Lines (SRRL) project, with a total cost of USD 338 million, will undergo two phases, upgrading existing routes and establishing a new railway hub.

The Head of East Java Transportation Agency highlighted the importance of the SRRL project, connecting Surabaya with Jakarta and industrial centers west of Surabaya, facilitating links to an oil and gas refinery project in Tuban regency and serving as a hub for industrial estates in the Mojokerto, Jombang, and Madiun regencies to the south. The collaboration reflects the enduring partnership between Indonesia and Germany in addressing environmental concerns and enhancing transportation infrastructure.

(Sources: Indonesia Business Post, Antara News; The Jakarta Post)

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