DAdvance Agarwood to Partner with Huawei Technologies on Cloud-Based Digital Solutions

May 2022

Malaysia’s major agarwood producer, DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn Bhd (DAAS) has inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Huawei Technologies Malaysia to implement cloud-based digital solutions within the agarwood segment. The partners also intend to strengthen Malaysia’s presence within the agarwood global market by increasing resin production to meet the market demand.

DAAS seeks to utilize Huawei’s technology to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, and big data into the agarwood production process to improve precision in Aquilaria farming and resin quality and quantity. The partners will implement a Precision Agriculture solution at a 150-acre plantation in Temerloh, Pahang state, which will include intelligent capacitive sensors and hardware for data collection in the Aquilaria plantation such as temperature, humidity, climate, soil, and water level to optimize tree growth. XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd, a local robotics solution and industry automation specialist will be involved to provide hardware and software solutions.

The following are some of the anticipated outcomes of the collaboration:

  • Boost resin output by 90% in a 24-month harvesting cycle.
  • Create and integrate new traceability systems using unique QR codes. DAAS will be able to track products at all phases of agarwood manufacturing, processing, distribution, and handling.
  • Enhance efficiency, reduce time and raise production rates for a potential revenue of MYR 300 million in around six years.
  • Present information on the origins of agarwood products such as harvest sites, year of planting, types of fertilizer, and inoculation vaccine version for consumers.
  • To make laboratory reports and all associated data input available to consumers.

In longer-term, the companies aim to further collaborate on the development of new technologies that will boost production and growth rate of the Aquilaria trees, inoculation as well as harvest speed. The agarwood global market trade is estimated to be valued at USD 32 billion with the number expected to double to USD 64 billion by end-2029, making agarwood the world’s most valuable plant species.

(Source: Strait Times)

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