Orissa International delivered customized research reports to a Singapore-based provider of financial application software that supports factoring and supply chain financing. Its systems are deployed by some of the leading banks across Asia. The company took up a package programme offered by Orissa International, wherein we hired a dedicated local salesperson on our own payroll to conduct business development activities for the client, generate a database of potential customers and partners, provide business matching support, and produce a bespoke market report, based on the client’s requirements.

We undertook research to obtain regulatory information for the financial sector. We also scanned the market to identify local and foreign competitors active in the supply chain finance software market, and their current partners and deployments in the market.

We are in the process of arranging business meetings for the client with senior executives in the appropriate user departments within the banks and non-banking financial institutions. Meetings have already been arranged with some of the leading banks in both Thailand and Vietnam.