Vietnam’s Plan to Implement Digital Addresses for All Households by 2025

Jul 2022

According to Vietnam’s National Postal Development Strategy, all households in the country will have digital addresses by 2025. The strategy aims to make the postal industry a crucial component of the nation’s infrastructure. The plan also emphasizes the importance of a digital address platform to the growth of e-commerce and the digital economy on the national digital map.

Given the present growth rate of around 20-30% annually, the postal and delivery sector was predicted to generate USD 10 billion in annual revenue by 2030. The Ministry of Information and Communications stated that the rapid transformation of the postal and e-commerce markets, along with the advancement of digital technology during the Industry 4.0 era, has altered business practices and created new possibilities for the growth of the postal industry.

According to the Vietnam E-commerce Association, the country’s e-commerce sector will grow by an average of 29% annually to reach USD 52 billion by 2025. The vast majority of goods traded through online channels resulted in an explosive demand for delivery services, creating a huge opportunity for the postal sector to capitalize on and transition from merely distributing newsletters to serving as essential infrastructure for the growth of e-commerce.

The plan targeted that all households across the country would have digital addresses, and all farmer households would participate in e-commerce platforms developed by postal companies. Vietnam’s postal market would be increasingly competitive due to the intertwinement between the old and the new, and traditional postal firms that put off renovations would lose market share to startups and digital companies who had less expertise but applied changes quickly.

(Source: VietnamPlus)

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