Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Local Operations in Indonesia

Apr 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific, an American supplier of analytical instruments, life sciences solutions, specialty diagnostics, laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotechnology services, expanded local operations in Indonesia with the opening of its first official office in April 2024. In 2023, Thermo Fisher expanded in Indonesia by setting up a legal entity in the country, aiming to improve customer relations and foster local talent and scientific progress in Jakarta.

Thermo Fisher has previously established a collaboration with Indonesia’s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) to enhance the country’s research capabilities and infrastructure, contributing to BRIN’s objective of bolstering the skills and resources of Indonesian researchers. Thermo Fisher assisted BRIN in enhancing research capabilities, particularly in materials research, clean energy development, new methods in cell therapy and gene therapy, and other areas in the life sciences. Thermo Fisher also collaborated with BRIN to establish a scientific panel to develop and evaluate research projects.

Additionally, on February 2024, Thermo Fisher hosted two scientific forums in Jakarta, gathering industry experts and professionals to discuss advancements in healthcare and laboratory solutions. The sessions featured demonstrations of available solutions in Indonesia and their applications in labs and healthcare, alongside Thermo Fisher’s broad range of solutions in various fields including molecular diagnostics, oncology, clinical diagnosis, molecular spectroscopy, microbiology, toxicology, and sample storage.

(Source: PR Newswire and Antara News)

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