Thai Food Conglomerate CP Group Focuses on Sustainable Corn Sourcing

Apr 2023

Thai food conglomerate CP Group’s Feed Ingredients Trading Business Group (FIT) and Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) have announced the implementation of a corn traceability system to verify the sourcing of maize for feed production. The system has been designed to ensure that the maize is sourced from areas free from forest encroachment and stubble burning. This means that the companies can now source 100% of corn from deforestation-free areas in Thailand in line with international standards. Moreover, CP Group has extended this system to its key overseas operations in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

To encourage maize growers in Thailand, CP Foods is urging them to register and verify their identity through the “For Farm” application. The application is expected to increase transparency and confidence in Thailand’s maize for animal feed traceability system by linking data from the plantation to the feed mill. In addition to this, FIT has adopted Blockchain Traceability Technology to further increase transparency in the system.

FIT is also sharing plantation knowledge and techniques with corn farmers to improve output and quality while reducing the dust generated during agriculture. This is a part of the “Self-Sufficient Farmers, Sustainable Corn Project” which aims to provide farmers with in-depth information to improve their farming efficiency and produce higher-quality corn to meet market demand. The project also promotes zero crop burning and encourages corn farmers to increase the value of corn stubble.

Overall, the corn traceability system, coupled with the use of technology such as the “For Farm” application and Blockchain Traceability Technology, has increased transparency and confidence in the traceability system, enabling the companies to source maize for feed production free from deforestation and stubble burning. The project also has a positive impact on farmers by providing them with the knowledge to increase their farming efficiency and output.


(Source: CP Group)

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