South Korean Company to Construct Plasma Fractionation Plant in Indonesia

Jan 2024

GC Biopharma, a South Korean biopharmaceutical company, recently started the construction of a plasma fractionation plant at the Jababeka Industrial Estate in Indonesia. This initiative is part of the company’s broader efforts in constructing overseas plants. The event marked the commencement of Indonesia’s first-ever plasma fractionation plant, following the government’s approval of GC Biopharma’s construction in June 2023.

The facility will be constructed on a 40,000 square meter plot within the Jababeka Industrial Estate, situated 35 kilometers east of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Anticipating a maximum annual capacity of 400,000 liters of plasma fractionation, the plant is slated to begin operations in 2027. Additionally, the company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Red Cross and two local pharmaceutical companies, PT Triman and PT Medquest Jaya Global, to collaborate on the project.

Indonesia, which has solely depended on imported plasma-derived products, initiates a significant shift with this new plant, signaling the commencement of local production for a crucial medical commodity. Local production is projected to significantly reduce prices, making them more accessible to the wider population. This not only translates to improved healthcare affordability but also enhances national health security. Additionally, the project is expected to generate new job opportunities in the biotechnology sector.

(Sources: Biopharma APC; PR Newswire)

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