SIRIM to Establish a Smart Manufacturing Digital Experience Centre

Aug 2020

SIRIM, Malaysia’s national organization for standards and quality, is planning to set-up a Smart Manufacturing Experience Centre in 2021, as the country aims to be the primary destination for the high-tech industry by being a total solutions provider for advanced technology. The Smart Manufacturing Digital Experience Centre will provide an innovative collaborative space for the local industry players to learn and experience the application of IR 4.0 technology with large multinational companies and government agencies.

SIRIM will be partnering with global companies such as Hitachi, Huawei and Bosch Rexroth to identify affordable and suitable IT related solutions for Malaysian companies. SIRIM also plans to introduce new ideas and concepts through the adoption of hardware capabilities such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid prototyping augmented reality and automated optical inspection. Apart from private companies, SIRIM is jointly working with the Malaysia Design Council (MRM) to develop the design industry towards IR 4.0 to promote Certified Industrial Designer (CID) certification, COVID-19 Creative Campaign Competition and digital portal SIRIM 3D Printing Marketplace. The programs intend to generate growth in manufacturing sector for the country’s economic growth, increase national productivity, create highly skilled employment opportunities and enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the local industry.

In addition, SIRIM has also worked with local company Digital Data Sdn Bhd to develop My3D Printing Marketplace (My3DPM), a digital platform that can translate ideas and designs into real form using 3D printing technology, which is mainly being used by independent designers, technology entrepreneurs and manufacturing companies. SIRIM offered a vast range of initiatives such as its SIRIM-Fraunhofer program which looked at increasing local productivity in the manufacturing sector via technology penetration and upgrading to facilitate economic recovery.

As Malaysia continues to accelerate its IR 4.0 transformation plans, the country was recently selected by Music Tribe, a multi-national leader for professional audio products and musical instruments with operations worldwide as its new headquarters. The company also plans to expand its operations by launching an Industry 4.0-driven, fully robotized manufacturing facility at the Kulim Hi-Tech Park in Kedah state, which is expected to commence operations by end of 2021. Music Tribe is now collaborating with Microsoft and Siemens to design a full “Digital Twin” or virtual representation of the entire design and manufacturing process flows which will be adopted by its manufacturing facility.

(Sources: SIRIM; The Sun Daily; MIDA)

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