Singapore’s Growing Demand for Agritech Talent

Jun 2021

NTUC LHUB, a leading Continuing Education and Training provider in Singapore, has partnered with Netatech to offer a new course in Agriculture Technology. Netatech is the sole exclusive distributor for Netafim in Singapore, the global leader in precision irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture. Farm technology and automation are some of the key skills that will be imparted to those who are looking to venture into this emerging sector.

NTUC LHUB has seen an overwhelming response to its program on Digital Agritech, and strong interest displayed by its trainees in entering the Agritech field. Driven also by the social aspect of supporting Singapore’s sustainability agenda, NTUC LHUB has plans to continue its efforts to develop in this space, and to partner with best-in-class experts such as Netatech that can help boost the employability of its trainees with the necessary skills and expertise in Agritech.

Singapore’s Agritech industry is an emerging sector. While less than 10% of Singapore’s current food supply is produced locally, it has ambitions to increase this to 30% by 2030. The country is now driving intensive R&D into AgriTech and high-productivity innovation. From a sunset industry, food production in Singapore is thus a rising sector with its sights set firmly on technology. A burgeoning market of entrepreneurs is entering the Agritech field, creating urban farms with highly efficient technologies, driving the demand for Agronomists, R&D specialists, IT experts, mechanical engineers, supply chain managers, business development managers, and more.

(Sources: NTUC LHUB; UNDP)

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